Every Salem Prep High School student will transition from the program prepared with the necessary social, emotional and academic skills and mindsets to thrive and make positive contributions within their communities. 


❖ Provide high-quality individualized Social Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction that is aligned with state standards and the CASEL frameworks, and is tailored to each student’s unique learning needs 

❖ Foster and maintain a small therapeutic school culture that values and utilizes relationships, Trauma Informed Care, counseling and other mental health treatments to advance students’ learning and development 

❖ Employ Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) based behavior management techniques including positive reinforcement of adaptive and prosocial behavior 

❖ Engage in meaningful collaboration with community organizations, families, legal guardians, partner agencies and students to foster high rates of academic engagement, and reduce chronic absenteeism 

❖ Empower all CTE students to confidently and successfully transition into post-secondary and career opportunities and become positive, contributing members of society

❖ Promote a just equitable society through anti-racist practices 

Program Description 

The Salem Prep High School part of the Salem Public School district and is a sub-separate therapeutic day school founded in 2007 that enrolls children with severe emotional and neurologic difficulties that interfere with their learning and prevent them from attending conventional school programs. The Salem Prep is based on creating a small, individualized and therapeutic learning environment for students. Staff members at the Salem Prep are trained in a variety of therapeutic practices that borrow from disciplines including Applied Behavior Analysis, Mental Health Counseling, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Social emotional instruction and support are embedded into all aspects of daily student life. 

Salem Public Schools Core Values

Belonging – We believe all members of our community are valued and that our relationships are built on empathy and respect.

Equity – We believe in promoting social justice to ensure an inclusive school community where all members are empowered and engaged.

Opportunity – We believe all students should receive a personalized experience to achieve academic success, find joy in their learning, and have multiple choices for their post-secondary plans.